Inishglora or Inis Gluaire in Irish,  is located 2km off the coast of Belmullet, Co. Mayo. According to the legend the Children of Lir spent their final 300 years on the waters of Inishglora. The Island is also home to a 5th century Pre-Christian monastery built by St. Brendan the navigator. Inishglora is also known as the ‘holy island’ and has been unhabited since the 20th century.

How long is the ferry to Inishglora?

It takes only 50 minutes to get to Inishglora from Blacksod Pier with us! Day trips are available from May to September, weather dependent!

What’s included in your trip?

  • 50 minute crossing to Inishglora from Blacksod Pier.
  • 3-5 hours on the island depending on passenger preferences.
  • Guided tour of Inishglora available in English & Irish.

Videos of the Inishkea Islands:


  • Arrive 10 minutes before trip departure.
  • Let us know when booking your trip to Inishglora if you would like services such a guided tour or fishing to insure availability.

What to bring with you

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sun cream & Sun hat
  • Extra clothing
  • Packed lunch
  • Walking shoes
  • Phone


  • Swimming gear
  • Disposable barbeque
  • Camera

Inishglora Trip Itinerary:

Your tour begins at Blacksod Pier. Enjoy the experience of Blacksod Bay as we head for Inishglora. Your sailing to the island takes you past the picturesque village of Surgeview and the Islands of Achill, Inishkea Blackrock, Duvillian Beag & Mór, Eagle Island and many more. Laying beyond this, Inishglora come into view as we make our way to the Island.

Once on the island, you will be given the choice to embark on a guided tour of the island. You will be swept away on a spellbinding walking tour of the island, where you learn about the rich history of Inishglora and get to visit the three churches on the island, Teampall na bhfear, Teampall na mBan and St. Brendan’s church, the Seven Stations of the Cross including the “Rock of Prayer”, and various beehive huts. Learn about the fascinating stories of St. Brendan the Navigator, St. Brendan’s cursed holy well, the Children of Lir, and so much more! Your tour finishes with a trek to the back of the island where you will find three ancient navigation towers.

Once your guided tour is complete, you will have lots of time to enjoy a relaxing lunch, go for a swim or furtherly explore the island! On your return trip, you can avail a refreshing hot drink onboard!

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