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Trip to Inishkea

Experience the breath taking views, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches that make Inishkea an irresistible place to visit. Embark on a guided tour from an island descendent where you will learn about the rich history of Inishkea and explore some of the islands hidden gems such as Celtic slabs, whaling station, monastery and spectacular sea cliffs!

Coastline Tour

Experience the rugged coastlines, windswept landscapes, rare flora and Irish culture that make the Belmullet coastline unique. In this groundbreaking day trip, you will get to taste the best of the west of Ireland in just a few hours. During this tour you will take a cruise by the Croaghan Cliffs and the Mhaolabhaine Caves. .

Catch & Cook

Embark on a fishing trip in the morning with the chance of catching over 36 species then travel to Inishkea South where you can cook your catch and with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, breathtaking views, friendly seals, a whaling station, Celtic stone slabs and lots of things to do makes Inishkea an amazing place to spend a day. A tour guide can also be provided.

Trip to Achill Island

Embark on a trip to Achill Island. Gorgeous views, sandy beaches, gorgeous views, crystal clear waters, restaurants, cafes, the biggest cliffs in Ireland – three times bigger than the Cliffs of Moher and lots of things to do makes Achill Island a great place to visit. A tour guide can also be provided.

Sea Angling

Embark on a fishing trip for beginners or experienced with the chance of catching over 36 species such as cod, pollack, ling, wrasse, gurnard and mackerel. Sea Angling is great way to spend a day with friends or family. Fishing gear is supplied.

Sunset Cruise

Join us on a evening trip, where you will experience the best of the west in just a a few hours, enjoy amazing views of the surrounding islands, colorful sunsets, a bit of fishing and maybe even get the chance to meet some friendly dolphins!

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